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Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Alex Lifeson vs. the Ritz-Carlton: settlement reached

Sat, Aug 23, 2008@10:17AM | comments

Justin and Al in court[Ritz-Carlton settles lawsuit with Rush guitarist's son]

Most Rush fans are already aware that Alex Lifeson and his son Justin were arrested in Naples, FL on New Year's eve 2004 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Naples, Florida. After a lengthy court battle, the multiple felonies the two were charged with were eventually reduced to misdemeanors and Alex and his son filed a counter suit which proved to be unsuccessful at first. However, earlier this year a federal appeals court overruled the lower court saying it was wrong to dismiss one of the negligence claim made by Justin in the countersuit. In the latest development - and hopefully the final one - Justin and the Ritz-Carlton have agreed to a confidential settlement. From the Naply Daily News:

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit involving a rock band Rush guitarist's son who was punched and hit with Tasers at a 2003 New Year's Eve party at the Ritz-Carlton, Naples, after attorneys agreed to a settlement.

U.S. District Judge John E. Steele, who sits in Fort Myers, recently dismissed the lawsuit.

He did so on the same day attorneys for Alex Zivojinovich - best known as guitarist Alex Lifeson Zivojinovich’s son, Justin, and the hotel and its night manager filed a notice of settlement involving events at a $500-a-plate, black-tie party that rang in 2004.

Attorney Michael R.N. McDonnell of Naples, who represented Zivojinovich, declined comment, saying only, “It’s resolved. Everything is confidential.”

Attorney Judith Mercier of Fort Lauderdale, who represented the beachfront Ritz-Carlton in North Naples, and night-shift manager Frank Barner, haven’t been available to comment. ...

So it sounds like it may be finally over. If you want all the details of the case, I suggest checking out this great running history over at the Power Windows site. Thanks to robertkincaid96 for the heads up.

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