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Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Spanish comic based on Rush's 2112

Wed, Aug 20, 2008@12:11PM | comments

UPDATE - 8/22@5:06PM: John at has posted the English translation of the Cuerdas 2112-based comic strip over at his site here. He did a really nice job.

John over at recently got hold of a really neat Spanish comic strip based on Rush's 2112 called Cuerdas (Strings). It was written by Rush fan Pepe Gonzalez between November of 1985 and February of 1986. Here's John's loose translation of the introduction:

Creado entre noviembre de 1985 y febrero de 1986, esta historia basada en 2112, pretende recrear la lucha entre el poder establecido y la imaginacion individual, que no el individualismo, cosa con la que se ha malinterpretado en ocasiones la filosofia de este gran trio.

Evidentemente, este comic se hizo con mucha ilusion y poca tecnica, por lo que no seas demasiado riguroso en la critica.

Created between November of 1985 and February of 1986, this story, based on 2112, aims to recreate the fight between the established power and individual imagination, not individualism, which is the idea that has often been misinterpreted as the philosophy of this great trio.

Obviously, this comic took control of much illusion and little technique, therefore please do not be too rigorous in your criticism.

I've also included all 5 panels of the strip (in Spanish) which you can view by clicking the thumnbnails above or viewing them at John's site here. John is working on translating these into English as well.