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Fri, Nov 22, 2019

New Atheist album will include a cover of YYZ

Sat, Aug 16, 2008@9:24AM | comments

According to the new album from progressive death metal pioneers Atheist will include a cover of Rush's YYZ. Vocalist Kelly Shaefer:

On the new ATHEIST record we are going to record a blazing cover of the brilliant 'YYZ' from RUSH. As you all know, we have long been fans of RUSH, and we know this cover is a bit outside the box of what most metal bands do, but then again as a band we are very outside the box of what most metal bands do. And I can confirm that it will fucking destroy, and when people hear [Steve] Flynn's [drums] version of this tune. He renders me speechless. He has always claimed Neil Peart as a major influence, and so it makes perfect sense to cover this amazing piece of music. ...

Thanks to Power Windows for the heads up.