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Thu, Apr 25, 2024

Rush live performance on The Colbert Report?

Tue, Jul 15, 2008@10:58AM | comments removed/disabled

[Rush to make rare TV performance on 'Colbert']

UPDATE - 7/15@2:38PM: It's official. This Associated Press news release confirms their appearance tomorrow:

Rush will be appearing on "The Colbert Report," and it's not Limbaugh.

The Canadian band Rush, which hasn't performed on U.S. television in more than three decades, will play their classic "Tom Sawyer" on the Comedy Central show Wednesday (11:30 p.m. EST). The Geddy Lee-led trio, which is currently on tour, hasn't played on U.S. television since 1975. ...

Thanks to John for the heads up.

----- snip -----

Rush has a couple of days off before Thursday's show in Hershey. I have it on good authority that they'll be spending these days off in New York City. Why you say? One likely reason is that Geddy Lee will be attending tonight's All-star Game at Yankee Stadium. But the other rumored reason is that Rush will be taping an episode of the Colbert Report on Wednesday! I'm hearing that they're booked to make a one song (Tom Sawyer) appearance as a spoof on the whole Rush / Rush Limbaugh name confusion. Colbert has had fun with this subject in the past (see this post) and the show's director is a big Rush fan, so it's certainly plausible. If this rumor is true, it would be Rush's first live performance of this sort that I'm aware of. They've never done these type of one or two song live performances in the past that are typical of late night shows such as the Tonight Show, Late Night or Saturday Night Live. More as I learn it. Hopefully there's some truthiness to this rumor. :)

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