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Sun, Jul 22, 2018

Neil Peart's bike and kit at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Sun, Jul 6, 2008@9:03PM | comments

UPDATE - 7/11@10:40AM: Reader Gabe sent me a link to this Flickr photo gallery which contains a bunch of motorcycle pics including a few of Neil Peart, Dave the bus driver and Michael Mosbach visiting the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. Just check out the last couple rows of pics on the first page and the first row on the second page. I included thumbnails of some of the more notable ones. The photos were taken on July 1st so they must have stopped there on their way to the Pittsburgh show.

Last weekend there was a VIP gala and dedication ceremony to celebrate the opening of the MotoStars: Celebrities and Motorcycles exhibit at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio. Neil Peart donated his 94 BMW R1100GS motorcycle, his R30 drum kit and other memorabilia to the Museum. The memorabilia was recently put up for auction to raise money for the Museum while the bike and kit are on display in the exhibit. Readers Genaro and Chris paid a visit to the museum and took some great pics to share with us all. Click on the thumbnails above to see the full pictures. Also thanks to Michael from for letting me know that the bike Neil donated was his 94 BMW R1100GS.