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Fri, Apr 20, 2018

Alex Lifeson's house for sale

Mon, Apr 21, 2008@10:21AM | comments

[Rosedale Loses a Rocker]

UPDATE - 4/21@11:35AM: Here's the property listing which contains some pictures. Nice place. For those who are worried about Lerxst's privacy, my guess is that the house isn't currently occupied and that Big Al and Charlene have probably already bought another residence. Besides - Alex is on tour, so he wouldn't be there anyways. :) Also, the publicity is probably more than welcome since it may help him unload the place quicker and for more money.

I received a barrage of emails over the weekend regarding this next news item. Saturday's edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail featured an article titled Rosedale Loses a Rocker which revealed that Alex Lifeson's Rosedale, Ontario home is up for sale for 5.7 million dollars. Rosedale is the Toronto suburb that both Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee have called home for several years. From the article:

... Torontonians wanting an up-close glimpse of these legends can hang around Rosedale, where Mr. Zivojinovic and Mr. Lee, also a Rosedale denizen, are frequently seen picking up their groceries at the Summerhill Market. But as far as Mr. Zivojinovic goes, they'll have to act fast as it's uncertain whether, after selling his house, the rocker will buy in the neighbourhood.

Word on his exclusive street, home to such leading lights as industrialist and philanthropist Walter Carsen, is that with his two children grown (including son Justin, with whom he was arrested in 2003 during an altercation with police at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Fla.), Mr. Zivojinovic, like many empty-nesters, will be looking for a home smaller than the 6,000-square-foot behemoth that he has occupied for the past 10 years with wife Charlene. ...