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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Tiles video for Sacred and Mundane now online

Wed, Feb 27, 2008@10:52AM | comments

Last month saw the North American release of Fly Paper - the 5th album from Detroit prog-rockers Tiles. The album is notable to Rush fans because of its numerous connections to Rush; Alex Lifeson plays on the track Sacred and Mundane, the album was produced by Terry Brown, and Hugh Syme did the album art in addition to playing keyboards on 2 tracks. Earlier this month I had the chance to put forth a few questions about Rush, working with Lerxst, the album and other topics to both Tiles guitarist Chris Herin and producer Terry Brown. You can check out both mini-interviews in this post.

Tiles had planned on releasing a promotional video for Sacred & Mundane in the run-up to the album release, but due to production issues the release was delayed until just recently. The video features the shorter radio edit of the song and - unfortunately - no cameo from Alex Lifeson... at least not a 3-dimensional Alex. From the Tiles website:

We are pleased to release the video for "Sacred & Mundane" (single edit). ... Very special thanks to Mathew Kennedy (Discipline) & Magnetic Cinema for stepping in at a moment's notice after our original producer couldn't get his act together. Although "Sacred & Mundane" features Rush's Alex Lifeson on a host of guitars, he only makes a fleeting two-dimensional appearance in the video in the guise of his alter ego 'Victor' ...just for fun...

You can check out the YouTube version of the video at this link (also included below), or the full uncompressed version at this link. Thanks to Blabbermouth for the heads up.