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Fri, Nov 22, 2019

Rush tops list of bands whose music should be turned into a movie

Mon, Feb 18, 2008@9:55PM | comments

[10 Other Bands Whose Music We'd Like To See Turned Into a Movie]

UPDATE - 2/19@9:34AM: I should note that there was a 1985 animated television movie (it was just 30 minutes long though) called The Body Electric that used and was inspired by the music of Rush. currently has a feature up on their home page titled 10 Other Bands Whose Music We'd Like To See Turned Into a Movie. The list was inspired by last year's Beatles-inspired rock musical Across the Universe (recently released on DVD) where filmmaker Julie Taymor stitched together a film based on dozens of unrelated Beatles songs. Topping their list was ... Rush! Here's what they had to say:

It's hard not to cheat since some of the Canadian supergroup's classic albums from the '70s tell entire stories on their own. But we'll bypass 2112 mysticism to cobble together a post-modern story of an oppressed society ("Red Sector A") ruled by evil corporations ("The Big Money") which inspires an impressionable, young kid ("Tom Sawyer") to break free of his shackles ("New World Man") through the power of music ("Spirit of Radio," "Limelight")... and a fast car ("Red Barchetta"). OK, fine, and then he goes into space ("Cygnus X-1"). Think The Matrix with singing.

I'm all for it! It should be noted that bands who already created their own rock operas or stage productions based on their music were disqualified from the running (The Who, Pink Floyd, ABBA, etc). Thanks to strangedevice for the heads up.