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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Colbert Report Rush sighting

Wed, Feb 13, 2008@9:55AM | comments removed/disabled

There was a fairly major Rush sighting on last night's Colbert Report on Comedy Central. In a segment where Colbert is discussing Rush Limbaugh's influence on the Republican electorate he mentions how John McCain is winning in the Republican presidential primaries despite being opposed by major talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh. He states that this has a lot of people questioning the influence of Rush. Immediately after saying this, a clip of Rush (the band) from their Tom Sawyer video plays. He then interrupts and says Jim, Jim [his director] ... not that Rush. He then goes on about Limbaugh and says ... is Rush [Limbaugh] no longer living in the limelight?. You guessed it... then a clip of Rush's Limelight video plays. He then interrupts again saying Jimmy, Jimmy, that's enough ... stop! I apologize. As you can see my director is a big fan of Rush. He has Geddy Lee posters all over his office.... You can watch the clip below; it begins a couple minutes in. Thanks to AK and the2112 for the heads up.


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