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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Have a happy Rush New Year!!

Mon, Dec 31, 2007@1:27PM | comments

About 10 years ago this past August I remember poking around on the 'net for some Rush news. The summer was just about over and Rush had recently finished up their Test For Echo tour. I was anxious to hear if there was any news on the band reconvening to start recording another album. Much to my dismay, I instead came across a bit of news that made my heart drop to the floor; Neil Peart's only child Selena had been killed in a car accident on August 10, 1997. Outside of feeling absolutely horrible for Neil and his family I also remember thinking, well... that's it for Rush. And when I found out less than a year later that his wife had died of cancer... that pretty much sealed it. I was essentially convinced that Rush was over; I had come to that conclusion in my mind and reluctantly accepted it. I had to content myself with the music they'd made thus far, the possible outside solo project from Alex or Geddy and perhaps a book or two from Neil. A few years later when I heard that the band had been working on new material I about cried for joy. I still didn't believe it though. Until I heard those first few tracks from Vapor Trails there was always some doubt in my mind that it wouldn't happen. And even when Vapor Trails came out I wasn't convinced the band would still tour or even do another album. I was just happy they had done something; anything beyond that was gravy. Well... they thankfully proved me wrong. For the past 5 years they've been doing nothing but pouring on the gravy with one project after another and no end in sight; the Vapor Trails tour, Rush in Rio, Feedback, The 30th anniversary tour, R30, Replay, Snakes & Arrows, The Snakes & Arrows tour, etc. And now 2008 will see the band's 5th Grammy nomination, yet another tour, a live DVD and a Rush documentary. It's definitely going to be another great year for Rush and their fans. Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!