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Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Updates and other random Rush stuff

Fri, Dec 28, 2007@3:45PM | comments

This should be a relatively quick update since not much has happened in the last week; everyone's been busy with the holidays, me included.

First off, the tour. It's been getting some good press and was a featured story on several mainstream news sites earlier this week. I haven't received any new information lately regarding dates/venues other than the news reported earlier this week that some of the South American dates may be in question. Also, the ever-mysterious Drew2112 over at Counterparts is claiming that this tour will be extra special and that it will draw more than 2007 as far as attendance. Drew's info is usually accurate if not annoyingly vague, so there's probably something to it. He's dropped a couple of obscure hints and stated that it's not a farewell tour, but otherwise hasn't given any solid info. He says to stay tuned to for details; nothing there yet as of this post though. To join in all the speculation check out this thread at Counterparts.

I'd mentioned back in November that Workin' Them Angels would be released as the next single from Snakes & Arrows in the run-up to the official tour announcement next month. I haven't heard anything from official channels yet, but a few fans have let me know that they've put the song in rotation in at least one major market; Chicago's WLUP.

The Rush Fan Film project (first mentioned here back in June) is finally starting to get off the ground. The site has a YouTube channel and there's a 6+ minute music video for The Main Monkey Business up featuring member's meetups from the North American portion of the Snakes and Arrows tour. You can check it out here. I'm in there for about half a second, signing the banner; if you blink you'll miss it.

If you haven't listened to the lost Power Windows demo tapes yet, be sure to check out this post; alll 8 tracks are now available.

For some reason, Blabbermouth and some other rock news sites are just now reporting that Neil Peart won Drummer of the Year (along with 4 other awards) in DRUM! Magazine's 2007 Drummie Awards. This news first came out back in September and was printed in the November issue of DRUM!. Anyways, several of you emailed me about it so I thought I'd give it another mention. Congrats Neil! ... again. :)

Also, several of you emailed me about the Guitar Legends special edition of Guitar World Magazine which was released a few weeks ago and featured Rush. I'd first mentioned this back in November. Most folks who have picked it up give it rave reviews.

Neil Peart recently added a few magazine articles to his website at Added were articles from Motorcyclist Magazine May 2007, Modern Drummer Magazine August 2007 and Drumhead Magazine September-October 2007.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!