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Wed, Nov 13, 2019 updates; Rush Radio, The Biggest Fans

Mon, Dec 3, 2007@9:47AM | comments

Lerxst in his has added some new content to the Multimedia section of the website. They finally have the Rush Radio section online although there's not much there yet. You can listen to Tom Sawyer, The Big Money, The Temples of Syrinx and the version of Closer to the Heart with Ed Robertson (Bare Naked Ladies) and Bubbles from The Trailer Park Boys (recorded for the Tsunami benefit telethon). But the real treat is the addition of a new video feature called The Biggest Fans. Episode 1 starts off with a long intro with A Farewell to Kings playing in the background while the camera pans over a candlelit room in what appears to be some kind of stately mansion. It then stops to focus on Alex Lifeson in some sort of military getup sitting in a chair across from a stuffed deer while drinking a big glass of wine. Alex then goes into an introductory rant for about a minute and a half utilizing a number of different accents. The episode itself finally begins with Alex's guitar tech - Bucky - explaining the purpose of Alex's stage right Barbie display... then it gets weird. Thanks to Snoscootr for the heads up.