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Sat, Jul 20, 2019

Interview with Snakes & Arrows engineer Rich Chycki

Thu, Nov 22, 2007@10:09AM | comments

[RICHARD CHYCKI: Sound Decisions]

UPDATE - 11/22@11:32AM: Oops.. missed this before; Rich is also working on the new Rush live DVD! Thanks to MalNar for pointing this out.

Carl Begai of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles recently spoke with Snakes & Arrows sound engineer Rich Chycki. Rich touched on several subjects including working with Rush and Nick Raskulinecz on Snakes & Arrows:

... I recorded and mixed Snakes & Arrows, Nick Raskulinecz produced it, Chycki says of his latest Rush experience. We both had a common goal to make a modern yet more vintage sounding Rush CD so it was a very complementary relationship. Nicks an accomplished engineer in his own right having worked with the Foo Fighters, so I very much respect the trust he put in me. Regardless of which band Im working with, I never feel like my gig is just a job. Im not the weekend nightshift boy at 7-11 so Im very grateful. But I will say that in between all the listening and meter watching, once in a while you look up and see Geddy riffing out and the thought crosses your mind Holy Fuck! Im recording Rush! ...

It's also interesting to note that Rich was in a band called Winter Rose with Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie back in the late 80s. You can read the entire article and interview at this link.