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Thu, Nov 30, 2023

Rush 2008 South American tour news

Wed, Nov 21, 2007@1:50PM | comments removed/disabled

In my last update on the 2008 tour I mentioned that Rush would be spending around 2 weeks in South America - covering Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. Now it looks like 2 newspapers in Chile have essentially confirmed that Rush will be playing there although the final location and date are still being determined. In an article titled Santiago Rush Concert In The Works, Chile's La Tercera newspaper states (rough translation):

... This is about one of the most expected visits lately. Because of this, local production agencies have been working on the Ontario-based Canadian prog rock trio's first appearance on national stages, expected to be in May 2008. The organizers even have the Estadio Nacional (Chile's biggest stadium, 72.000 seats) established as the first option for the band to play in. The band fronted by Geddy Lee would arrive to the country after the Argentina show. The only occasion Rush has been in South America was in 2002, specifically Rio de Janeiro. ...

So not only does this confirm a Chile show, it also indirectly confirms an Argentina show too.

From another Chilean paper - El Mercurio - in an article titled Rush Date Is Reserved And Estadio Nacional Is Probable (again, loose translation):

In Chile, Rush is an underground-propagating creed. Santiago was the first South American capital where in 2003, the Rush In Rio DVD (in which the band registered their Maracaná Stasium show a year before) was premiered. A kind of "wink" to the nearly 1000 fans that traveled to that city to applaud the band's continental debut.

Because of this, the visit from the men that created legendary tunes such as "Tom Sawyer", for years has been the confessed dream for an enormous community of devotees that have grown around hard and prog rock. A debt that could be settled in 2008: the band is one step away from closing a LatAm tour, and the date has been made official with a regional production company. The concert would be in late April or early May, being May 1st a tentative date.

The only arena that could receive them is the Estadio Nacional and the petition has already been sent to the venue's administration, but just like with The Police and Soda Stereo, Chiledeportes (the state's organization that supervises sporting issues) hasn't given an answer. It's not all bad news, since after the Soda Stereo concerts the playing field ended in optimum conditions and has recieved the thumbs-up from the government and the ANFP (National Pro-Soccer Association).

The plan coincides with guitarist Alex Lifeson's late October declarations, to the Finnish newspaper "Helsingin Sanomat": "We'll take a break after Finland and continue the tour in April 2008 in North and South America".

So it sounds like Rush will be touring South America around the end of April or beginning of May, and will likely play the Estadio Nacional in Chile at some point. Fantastic news for our friends to the south. On a related note, I'd also mentioned in my last update that Rush is rumored to be playing the Colise de Puerto Rico on April 11 in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Reader Steve spoke with Howard Ungerleider after the Helsinki show and - according to him - Howard confirmed that Rush will be playing Puerto Rico. So it sounds like this is a done deal too - although I wouldn't be surprised if that April 11th date shifted . Many thanks to reader Julio for the heads up and Jonathan L for providing the translations and the scans.

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