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Thu, Jul 18, 2019

VH1's Rock Band countdown series will feature Rush

Mon, Nov 12, 2007@10:14AM | comments

UPDATE - 11/13@10:27PM: They counted down the top 10 Greatest Bassists tonight. Geddy Lee made the top 3 just behind Chris Squire (Yes) and the winner John Entwistle (The Who). The complete list: 10) Steve Harris, 9) Geezer Butler, 8) Les Claypool, 7) John Paul Jones, 6) Jack Bruce, 5) Flea, 4) Paul McCartney, 3) Geddy Lee, 2) Chris Squire, 1) John Entwistle.

UPDATE - 11/13@7:05AM: Mark Goodman with the help of Rock Band Band counted down the 10 Greatest Drummers last night on VH1 Classic. I'm not sure exactly how they determined their list - but Neil Peart came at #2, losing out to John Bonham. Keith Moon came in at #3. I question the order, but I'd say they got the top 3 right at least. They played the Tom Sawyer video from Exit... Stage Left and had some fun with the pronunciation of Neil's last name. Tonight they'll be counting down the Greatest Bassists. My guess is that Geddy will be on this list somewhere - probably in the top 5.

As reported previously on this site, the upcoming Rock Band video game - the successor to the popular Guitar Hero series - will include a cover of Rush's Tom Sawyer as one of the featured tracks. To mark the November 20th release of the game, VH1 has created a Behind the Music-style mockumentary called Rock Band Commeth: The Rock Band Band Story which chronicles the ups and downs of the fictional Rock Band Band. The special - narrated by Kurt Loder - aired last night and can be viewed online at this location. VH1 Classic will also be airing five Rock Band-themed countdown shows all this week. Each show will air at 8PM EST and focus on one of the following: Greatest Front Men, Greatest Guitarists, Greatest Bassists, Greatest Drummers and Greatest Rock Band. Rumor has it that Rush will be featured on at least two of these countdown shows.