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Mon, Feb 6, 2023

New Neil Peart news update

Wed, Nov 7, 2007@10:36PM | comments removed/disabled

[NEWS, WEATHER, and SPORTS - November, 2007: Haste Ye Back]

UPDATE - 11/8@12:01PM: I had completely forgotten to mention that Neil remarked on the Rotterdam shows that were filmed and had good things to say:

... we had a day off before a pair of shows at the Ahoy arena in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Those performances would be filmed and recorded for an upcoming concert DVD, and having seventeen cameras and a recording truck present is always a little unsettling. You just never know if the added pressure is going to be inspiring, or nerve-racking. On that occasion, Alex and Geddy and I were fairly ecstatic to feel that we played really well on those two nights. All things considered, they may have represented the true climax of the tour. Sure, there were many satisfying shows among those sixty-four performances, I am glad to report, but those two are permanent. ...

Thanks to the Power Windows site for reminding me of this.

----- snip -----

Right on cue, Neil Peart has updated the News page on his website - just as he has been doing on every break in the tour thus far. This break will be a long one, so hopefully we'll squeeze one or two more updates out of The Professor before the 2008 leg begins. In this update Neil spends most of the time recounting his various motorcycle travels with Brutus on the highways and byways of Europe; describing the landscape, weather and local attractions. He also includes a lot of great photos to accompany his prose. In one passage Neil remarks on being named the 2nd worst lyricist by Blender magazine:

... Later that day, at the venue, I was checking my e-mails, and saw a story on AOL titled “Worst Rock Lyricists.” Curious, I opened it and read that some “hip” magazine had declared Sting the all-time worst rock lyricist, which seemed kind of dumb. Then, in second place, I was startled to see—gulp—my name. Ouch!

I felt my face burning with shame and anger, to be so publicly declared “the second worst rock lyricist of all time,” and to read my work described in words like “an awful mix of science and fantasy.” Though obviously written about songs from thirty years ago, and by someone whose choice for “great” lyricists would probably be, oh, Joey Ramone or Morrissey, it still stung. ...

Neil also reminds us that if your girlfriend hates Rush, don’t bring her to the show. And if you absolutely have to bring her, buy her earplugs. Well said. :)

He recounts a particularly moving experience while visiting the Vimy Ridge War Memorial in France and describes the enchanting vision of a snow-covered Mad King Ludwig's castle in Germany.

Toward the end of his essay Neil lists off all of his various aches and pains and mentions how toward the end of the tour everyone in the band and crew was a bit worn down. Interestingly enough he doesn't even mention the 2008 leg. Let's hope the band and crew are able to rest up over the next few months so they can get a fresh start this upcoming Spring and Summer.

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