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Sat, Aug 13, 2022

Rock photographer Ross Halfin shoots Rush at Wembley

Thu, Oct 11, 2007@9:58AM | comments removed/disabled

It looks like rock photographer Ross Halfin recently took some photographs of our boys at the first London show. He posted a few of the pics to his website and wrote about the experience in his online diary:

Went to shoot Rush at Wembley. The trip is always a journey into hell, took two hours to get there in the rain. London was fucked up to drive through. Arrived just in time for soundcheck. They played nearly the whole of Hemispheres and Most Of A Farewell To Kings.

Said hello afterwards, the friendliest was Neal Peart who greeted me with 'Hello old timer.' Old Timer, me? I am, I suppose, I started shooting Rush in 1977. God that's thirty years ago. I'm old - ish!

The Manic Street Preachers were there (to interview Rush). I'd never met Nicky Wire before, he seemed a fine man. He was nervous, James Dean Bradford was quiet. 'We're serious fans.' I told them some stories, and Nicky had a great knowledge of the photographers from my era, good and bad. He asked me 'Do you like anyone?' I told him the ONLY thing musicians care about is 'themselves and money.' I mean, I like some of them - I just can't think of any...

The Manics were ushered in to meet Geddy and Alex, who looked bemused as they were asked serious fan-like gushing questions. Nicky even pulled out his older brother's embroidered denim jacket (I took a photo of them together with it). Next time the Manics do something I must shoot them.

Rush played for eight hours (okay it was three). Too many new songs for me, but I forgave them when ****** [spoiler edit] was the second encore. I felt at home shooting them, enjoyed it - as only a old timer can...

Many thanks to Victor S for the heads up.

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