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Thu, Nov 30, 2023

The next Snakes & Arrows single will be Workin' Them Angels

Thu, Sep 20, 2007@10:07PM | comments removed/disabled

The Larger Bowl has been out for over 6 weeks now and - as reported last week - has finally broken into the top 20 on both the Mediabase Mainstream Rock Chart and the Radio and Records Rock Chart. It was the 3rd single off of Snakes & Arrows; Far Cry was the first and Spindrift the second. Far Cry was very successful and stayed atop the charts for several months, making it as high as #2 on the Mediabase chart. Spindrift was released on June 1st and unfortunately failed to gain much of a foothold in any radio markets.

There's been a lot of speculation as to whether Rush will be releasing any more singles off the album. It turns out that they will; I've just learned that The Larger Bowl will be in rotation for another 3 weeks before Atlantic will release Workin' Them Angels as radio single #4. And if that does reasonably well they will release Faithless sometime next year. I find it interesting that they'd choose Faithless after not performing it live thus far this tour ... which also leads me to speculate that on the 2008 leg of the tour they may break it out. So keep hounding your local radio station to play The Larger Bowl; we only have 3 more weeks to propel it into the top 10.

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