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Fri, Jun 2, 2023

Neil Peart Motorcyclist Magazine article

Wed, May 23, 2007@10:01AM | comments removed/disabled

As Neil Peart had mentioned in his last news update on his website, the May 2007 issue of Motorcylist Magazine contained an article written by Neil about his favorite motorcycle destinations on the R30 tour. Thanks to r60man I've obtained a scan of the article. The article contains many very cool photographs as well as several excerpts from Neil's latest book, Roadshow. Many of these photographs will no doubt show up in Neil's new book, The Roadshow Illustrated Companion, which releases this fall. Use the links below to access the pdfs.

[Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3] [Page 4] [Page 5] [Page 6]
[Page 7] [Page 8] [Page 9] [Page 10] [Page 11]

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