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Sat, Apr 20, 2019

Snakes & Arrows available for download... legally and illegally

Thu, Apr 19, 2007@10:29PM | comments

UPDATE - 4/20@10:12PM: First off, did I actually say SOILER instead of SPOILER? I guess I did. I only noticed about 4 hours after the fact and was about to fix it but thought.. nah.. that's just as appropriate a word as anything I suppose. :)

If you're wondering why I've let this thread go on as long as it has, allow me to explain myself. The issue of album leaks and illegal downloading is one of those topics that make emotions run high on both sides. I figured I'd let everybody vent, voice their opinions and yell back and forth a bit just to get it out of their system. So I've cut people a lot of slack. In subsequent posts I won't be as lenient. I don't like personal attacks made by or against any of my users, so please refrain from that kind of behavior; opinions are one thing - personal attacks are another. So vent away for now, get it out of your system ... then move on. Once the album releases next week, all this will soon be forgotten I'm sure.

On the issue of spoilers (or soilers?), I will try and give warning where I think warning is necessary. And I ask that those of you leaving comments containing spoilers do the same. This is just a request - a courtesy if you will - by me. I won't be banning anyone over leaving spoilers. However, if you're one of the folks who absolutely do not want to hear anything about the new album before May 1st, I'd suggest that you just stay out of the comments altogether until then. Because I can't guarantee that someone won't slip up (unintentionally or intentionally) and give up some info that you may not want to see.

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UPDATE - 4/20@8:14AM: *** SOILER ALERT *** A few folks who did decide to download the album have decided to leave their reviews of it in the comments on this post. So be warned.

UPDATE - 4/19@11:53PM: I also kindly ask everyone to refrain from posting send me the link comments. Please keep that kind of talk offline. Thanks for your cooperation.

Yes, the inevitable has finally happened. Snakes & Arrows has been leaked. Frankly I'm impressed that it's held out this long; 12 days before release. I highly suggest that you do not download it. Be strong!!! Also note that any links to download the leaked copy placed in the comments will be removed and may result in the disabling of your account.

Instead of attempting to obtain an illegal copy, why not just preorder a legal copy! Of course you'll have to wait for that too ... but you'll feel better about yourself. You can now pre-order Snakes & Arrows on iTunes in the US. Thanks to NCDigitalMan for the heads up (on the iTunes thing - not the leak).