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Tue, May 21, 2019

Malignant Narcissism leaked

Wed, Apr 11, 2007@11:58AM | comments

UPDATE - 4/13@1:14PM: I politely ask everyone to refrain from posting their email address in the comments and/or asking people to send them the file. I don't want to incur the wrath of Rush or its management nor give the impression that this site or myself condones/encourages illegal filesharing. I've enabled Personal contact forms for users so this (posting email addresses) should no longer be necessary. See this post for details. I've also decided to close the comments on this particular thread. Thanks for your cooperation.

UPDATE - 4/11@1:04PM: I'm following the lead of Counterparts and The Rush Forum and removing the links. Anyways, it's out there now.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! The 2-minute instrumental track from Snakes & Arrows - Malignant Narcissism - has been leaked to the net. I won't tell you where to find it but you might try this post at The Rush Forum (or just go here). I'm surprised it took this long for the first leak. One last comment about the song for now ... Geddy kicks ass.

Here are Neil Peart's comments on the song from his essay The Game of Snakes and Arrows:

... Toward the end of the sessions, Geddy was playing with a fretless bass between vocal takes, just riffing aimlessly, and Booujze was getting excited. He started recording some of those figures over the vocal mic, and fired us up with the idea of putting them together to create a short, quirky instrumental. This inspired the thirteenth track, for luck, "Malignant Narcissism" (an apt title for an instrumental with bass and drum solos, it came from Team America: World Police). For everyday use, that mouthful was soon abbreviated to "MalNar" (cue robot voice, "We are from the planet Malnar"). I had left a little four-piece drumset in the studio for Booujze to play around on, and I ended up recording "Malignant Narcissism" on that. Just for fun....