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Thu, Apr 25, 2024

Rush a guilty pleasure?

Wed, Apr 11, 2007@10:12AM | comments removed/disabled

[Undisputed Guilty Pleasure Bands]

I mentioned this in my updates post from yesterday, but it's garnered enough interest (disdain?) from people that I thought I'd give it its very own post. Rush-snubbing music tabloid Rolling Stone ran an article yesterday on their website titled Rolling Stone's List of the 25 Undisputed Guilty Pleasure Bands. And yes, Rush tops the list. For me Rush is strictly a pleasure - no guilt is involved but they're entitled to their opinion. I guess it's good that Rush is finally getting some attention from this rag; any publicity is good publicity they say. Reader Vic also tells me that in the new Rolling Stone print edition (Bad Girls cover) there is an article titled The New Fan Club Ticket Scam. Rush is mentioned as being one of the acts that don't charge anything for access to presale tickets. Good for them - and good for us fans too. Snakes & Arrows even gets a mention in their Spring Music Preview section. Maybe they'll even give Snakes & Arrows a positive review when it releases? Naaahhh - unlikely. :)

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