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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Snakes & Arrows to debut new DVD Album format!?

Fri, Mar 23, 2007@7:41PM | comments removed/disabled

Last Saturday I posted about some rumors speculating that Snakes & Arrows would be released as some kind of Enhanced CD possible in 5.1 Surround Sound and/or with some kind of making of CD (Alex Lifeson had mentioned in an interview that the recording process had been filmed). The rumors were prompted by the listing of the CD on several vendor sites as a CD+DVD format. Well ... Power Windows has some new and exciting information regarding these rumors. From Power Windows:

Although nothing has been officially announced, exciting rumors are surfacing regarding the new album! The latest rumor is that besides the standard cd format, Snakes & Arrows, along with the new Linkin Park album, will be the first albums released on Warner Music's new "DVD Album" format. This format will be a 25,000 copy limited edition, and will include a special 26 page booklet.

Announced by Warner Music last August, in an age where fans will spend $3.00 to buy a ring tone but won't spend $12 to buy a cd, record companies are trying to find new ways to entice fans to buy the album. Not to be confused with the DualDisc format, this will be a fully interactive DVD, and will include the album in 5.1 surround sound, as well as a ~43 minute "making of" video, cel-phone ringtones, wallpapers, text, and other digital extras that can only be accessed via computer, including the ability to extract the album tracks onto the users computer for use in mp3 players, etc. The limited edition will retail in the area of $24, while the cd version will be around $12.

The downside is, the limited edition may not be ready in time for the pre-announced May 1st release date. Accordingly, WEA is kicking around keeing the cd release on May 1st while releasing the special edition it two weeks later (as some online retailers currently have it listed). The other option is to delay the release of both editions until May 15th, so fans who can't wait do not feel obligated to buy the cd version first, followed by the limited edition two weeks later. WEA would like to avoid this second option, however, as this is the same release date as the new Linkin Park album and would thus compete for sales. More details to follow.

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