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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Rush on the radio

Sun, Mar 18, 2007@11:12AM | comments

UPDATE - 3/19@2:59PM: I added a few more stations to the list below but I think I'll stop now. The ratings are updated on a regular basis and unfortunately there's no way to search for a specific song. That's not really important. What's cool is that Far Cry is being spun regularly at stations across the country and is being very well-received. And here's the really good news; Mediabase began charting Far Cry (for March 12-18) today and it's broken into the mainstream rock charts at #13. And it's way out ahead of the pack with regards to new spins and new stations. Thanks to reader Rushguy for this news.

UPDATE - 3/19@8:19AM: Showdonttell25 also just compiled this list of stations and their ranking of Far Cry (as of early this morning). These are all the stations that have the song ranked. It's really nice to see that it's ranked number one at eight stations. I'm also glad to see Cleveland's WMMS (the station that helped Rush to break out in the US) on this list - as well as my favorite station to listen to in college - WONE 97.5 out of Akron.

101.5 WQUT - Knoxville, TN #1
93.1 WHLK - Madison, WI #1
105.5 WDHA - Morristown, NJ #1
95.5 KLOS - Los Angles, CA #1
106.5 WPYX - Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY #1
97.9 WLUP - Chicago, IL #1
92.3 KGON - Portland, OR #1
96.3 WLVQ - Columbus, OH #1
98.9 KKZX - Spokane, WA #2
94.1 WHJY - Providence/Warwick/Pawtucket, RI #3
93.3 KDKB - Phoenix, AZ #3
102.5 WDVE - Pittsburgh, PA #3
105.7 KZBD - Spokane, WA #5
101.1 KBER - Salt Lake City/Ogden/Provo, UT #5
94.7 KSHE - St. Louis, MO #7
98.9 KQRC - Kansas City, MO-KS #7
97.5 WONE - Akron, OH #8
97.5 KMOD - Tulsa, OK #10
100.7 WMMS - Cleveland, OH #13
106.9 WCCC - Hartford/New Britain/Middletown, CT #14
102.5 KZOK - Seattle - Tacoma, WA #16
103.7 KRZR - Fresno, CA #19
101 WRIF - Detroit, MI #20
94.9 KHTB - Salt Lake City/Ogden/Provo, UT #22
107.7 KSAN - San Francisco, CA #23
96.3 WROV - Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA #32
104.3 WAXQ - New York, NY #571

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Showdonttell25 at Counterparts found this neat site which allows you to view which radio stations Rush is playing on; right down to the song title and time it aired, and with a ranking system too. It's updated in real time (sort of) and includes links to audio streams. The rankings are based on the number of times a song is played as well as user votes. It's a good way to track which stations are playing Far Cry, which seems to be ranked very well at the stations that are playing it. Check it out if you get a chance.