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Thu, Nov 30, 2023

Far Cry review from the Buffalo News

Fri, Mar 16, 2007@5:05PM | comments removed/disabled

[A New Rush]

Buffalo News Pop Music Critic Jeff Miers just gave one of the first Far Cry reviews from a major newspaper on his Miers on Music blog... and it's a good one. If you get a chance, go leave a comment on his blog and give him some props. Here's the review:

The first single from the forthcoming Rush album goes to radio today.

"Far Cry" is a multi-layered, ambitious bit of prog-rock with nicely stacked vocal harmonies and - as usual - some absolutely killer dynamic interplay between Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson. The tune begins and ends with some sinister stop-time riffing, leading to a suspended guitar chord that sounds an awful lot like the one that heralds the beginning of the band's 1977 epic "Hemispheres." (I'll have to check that.)

If "Far Cry" offers any indication, "Snakes & Arrows," the band's new album, due May 1st, is going to be a big, bold, technicolor progressive rock effort. There's also a strong rumor afoot concerning a mid-summer Buffalo gig for the band. Stay tuned.

Hear "Far Cry" at, and let me know what you think.

So go let him know... I know you guys are opinionated. We'll scare the hell out of him with all our comments. :)

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