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Wed, Oct 27, 2021

Geddy Lee on The Gilmore Girls!?

Thu, Mar 8, 2007@6:47PM | comments removed/disabled

Taking a break from all the album art and track listing for Snakes and Arrows stuff, I thought I'd move on and report some real Rush news. Geddy Lee has a cameo on an upcoming a recently aired (Feb. 27th) episode of The Gilmore Girls! Seriously. Talk about surreal. Apparently Geddy's daughter Kyla is a big fan of the show and well ... ah heck - I'll just let former Skid Row frontman and Gilmore Girls cast member (and Rush fan) Sebastion Bach tell the story. From his website:

"What an incredible experience it was filming the latest episode, 'Will You Be My Lorelai, Gilmore?', of the CW network show 'Gilmore Girls'. As I was getting ready to leave the hotel for the Warner Brothers lot, my phone rang and it was my stand-in on the show and good buddy Kerry Tobin. He said, 'Dude, you are not gonna beleive who is hanging out on the set today - Geddy Lee from RUSH!!' I said, 'He is not!!' But I knew to expect the unexpected on the show.

"During my five seasons on the 'Gilmore Girls', I have met and filmed episodes with Carole King, SONIC YOUTH, Madeline Albright, Sally Struthers, Micheal York, Grant Lee Philips, and many more eclectic musicians and actors from all across the spectrum of the entertainment industry.

"But Geddy Lee? My favorite singer/bass player ever in the history of the planet? Hanging out on the set, checking us out filming our scene? Could it be?!?

"Sure enough, when I get to the production office to rehearse the song we perform in the episode, there in the flesh is Mr. Geddy Lee and his beautiful daughter Kyla! Turns out Kyla has impeccable taste and never misses an episode of her favorite show, 'Gilmore Girls', right beside Dad who watches every one with her! Geddy told us that he was in L.A. listening to mixes of the new RUSH CD, and set up a tour of the WB lot with Kyla, who had a great time meeting the cast and watching us work. I said to Geddy, 'Well, hey ..... why don't you guys BE IN THE SHOW???' The opportunity of filming a scene with Geddy and Kyla was just too great for this RUSH fan to pass up! Geddy chuckled and said, 'Well, I don't know... we'll see.' I then proceeded to badger the producer of the show Helen Pai (whose name is the anagram HEP ALIEN is based upon), 'Hey can Geddy and Kyla be in our scene?' Helen, in all her awesome-ness, said, 'Sure I don't see why not!' Unbelievable!!! This was around 7 pm or so. We were not on call to shoot the scene for at least a couple of hours. Which meant that Geddy and Kyla would have to make the commitment to stay on the set until 2 or 3 in the morning, by the time the shot was lit and filmed from all angles of coverage. What troopers they were! We got to hang out and rap about anything and everything, all night, and for me the chance to 'pick Geddy's brain' for four or five hours or so was a night I will never forget!

"Coming from Canada and growing up in the 1970s, a truly surreal moment occured that evening. I got to introduce Sally Struthers to Geddy Lee! For me being a little kid who grew up on 'All In The Family' and RUSH, to somehow be the guy who introduces these two icons of Seventies culture was really quite mind-blowing! Geddy was very excited to meet Sally and even did a short Archie Bunker impersonation on the spot! He told me he was a huge fan of 'All in the Family' and you could tell that he truly dug meeting 'Gloria Bunker'!

"Some heroes you meet and you wish you never did. Then there are those that exceed your every expectation, set you at ease in their company, understand that you are freaking out in their presence but still are cool answering questions etc., that they have probably answered a thousand times! Geddy Lee was definitely the most coolest, humble and down-to-earth rock god I ever shot a drama/comedy with! Click over to for pics and video of this momenteous rock/pop/tv occasion! And look for Geddy and Kyla's cameo on the show.. but don't blink, you might miss it!"

Wow. This made me smile. I think we all need a story like this to help us fill the void until Far Cry and/or Snakes & Arrows gets released. :)

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