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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Snakes and Arrows cover art revealed

Thu, Mar 8, 2007@7:50AM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 3/8@1:13PM: Not bogus after all. The cover art and track list are official. The sales sheet for the album is floating around the net and it verifies the info. See this post for the details.

UPDATE - 3/8@10:52AM: Bogus image? Reader John E finally convinced me that the image of the Snakes and Arrows gameboard appears to be plagarized from another image. Check out this side by side comparison and you be the judge. I'm not surprised if Hugh had used a rendering of the game board for the cover... but I would be surprised if he blatantly plagarized it. The question is - if bogus- who at HMV made this image and why?

The HMV site referred to yesterday which posted a partial track listing now also has cover art! It looks like they posted it just a few hours ago. It's a small version and difficult to make out details, but there you have it. It's interesting that they seem to have it up before everyone else - including all the official Rush sites. Thanks to reader Darren H for the heads up. Thanks to Reed Lover for supplying a blown-up version of the image for us.

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