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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

Garrison Guitars adds Alex Lifeson to their Players Roster

Sat, Mar 3, 2007@8:26AM | comments

Alex Lifeson - Garrison Guitars article[RUSH's Alex Lifeson Joins Garrison Players Roster]

Acoustic guitar manufacturer, Garrison Guitars, recently added Alex Lifeson to their Players Roster:

Alex Lifeson, internationally recognized guitar wizard from the band RUSH has officially joined Garrison's growing list of artists. RUSH's new album, Snakes and Arrows is due out on May 1st! According to Alex, Garrison Guitars and/or Octave Manolins are on 85% of the album and will be joining him on their international summer tour.

Alex comments, "It's been a year since I began using my Garrisons and I absolutely love these guitars. Beautiful workmanship, tight low end and smooth, silky top end, very clear tonality, dynamic response and comfortable to play, these instruments are at the forefront of my acoustic work both on record and stage."

For more information on Alex's Garrisons, visit our player section. For more information on RUSH and the new single "Far Cry", visit

There's even talk of an Alex Lifeson Signature Series Garrison but you didn't here that from me. That's HUSH, HUSH and we don't want to start any rumours.

Thanks to RedSectorA for the heads up.