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Mon, Aug 3, 2020

New feature; Time Stand Still Rush calendar

Thu, Mar 1, 2007@4:30PM | comments

If you look to your right, just under the Random Sample, you'll notice a new little feature on the site. I'm calling it the Time Stand Still Rush calendar. It's populated with upcoming release dates for Rush and Rush-related merchandise (such as the upcoming Porcupine Tree album that Lerxst plays on); tour dates (just unconfirmed ones for now); important dates in Rush history; and upcoming special Rush-related events (such as the Junos). For now, I'm just sticking it in the right hand column, but I may do more with this. Such as highlight the events for the current/upcoming days somehow - and create a separate page with a list of all events for the current month. I think this'll be a neat little addition to the site, especially with the upcoming tour (hopefully not a farewell tour). This is just a first iteration, so let me know what you think.