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Tue, May 17, 2022

Rush Snakes and Arrows rumor mill

Wed, Feb 21, 2007@12:32PM | comments removed/disabled

The latest batch of rumors regarding the new album started floating around the message boards yesterday. They're of the friend-of-a-friend variety so I had some doubts about posting them. But hey! Why the hell not?! It actually all sounds fairly believable. It comes from someone on a Kings X (great band by the way) board who is friends with producer Nick Raskulinecz's assistant. Here's the first post:

I just got off the phone with my boy Louie (Nick's assistant) and he was freaking out. He is a HUGE Rush fan and he said that last night he got to go to the studio to hear the final mix of the new Rush album. It was only him, Nick, the band and about 10 of the band's friends. He's now gotten to hang with them a few times and said he has to keep his cool and not geek out. He said Geddy pulled him aside and said "Your boy Nick is the best young producer we've seen. The sky is the limit for him".

So I asked him his impression of the album and he said "In one word, exciting". He said the jam all over it, a couple of instrumentals that will blow your mind and the pace of the songs is more exciting than they have done in a long, long time. Plus, Nick got them to break out some of the old gear and it made a difference.

All in all, he said he wouldn't say it sounded like old Rush. But he said fans of old Rush will like it alot.

And in a later post he relays this conversation with Nick's assistant:

I just got off the phone with Nick. I've never heard him so fired up about a record he's done. He said he is normally so burned out on material by the time the album is done, but not this time.

And that snippet that we've heard, Alex played the same amp on it that he played on Hemispheres.

He also said they plan on putting it out on vinyl as well, a double album. The album is 60 minutes long.

To quote him: "The instrumentals are sick".

In summary, there are 2 "sick" instrumentals; the album is 60 minutes long; old gear was used (which jibes with an earlier rumor about a mellotron being utilized); Alex used the same amp he used when recording Hemispheres on Far Cry; and the album will be available on vinyl. Rumor or not - this is all great news.

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