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Fri, Nov 22, 2019

Happy Rush New Year!

Mon, Jan 1, 2007@6:01PM | comments

Well, 2007 is here. I hope everyone had a good time celebrating. 2007 looks to be particularly interesting for us Rush fans; a new album and a tour. What more could we ask for?

As far as this site goes I unfortunately didn't get as much work done on enhancements over the holidays as I wanted to. I was only able to do a few under-the-hood changes and research a few applications. I naively thought that if I was home alone with a 1-year-old I'd be able to get some work done ... silly me. The good news is that I still plan on implementing the enhancements, just not as soon as I'd like. I investigated some different applications that I might use for enhancing the post comments - simple text markup and quoting for instance. I will also more than likely be using a flash-based calendar of some sort to keep track of Rush-related events; tour dates, release dates, etc. I think this'll be particularly neat when the tour commences. I'll keep you posted. Have a great New Year!