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Thu, Apr 25, 2024

Rush confirmed to tour Brazil in 2007?

Mon, Dec 4, 2006@4:54PM | comments removed/disabled

Last month I reported a rumor that Tony Geranios a.k.a. "Jack Secret" (guitar/keyboard tech for Rush since the early days) had said that Rush's next tour will begin in the late spring of 2007. There now is yet another unofficial confirmation that a tour will indeed happen - assuming the source is reliable. According to Brazilian metal mag Roadie Crew Rush has been confirmed to play some Brazilian dates in 2007. Here's the (loosely) translated text from the original Portuguese:

AEROSMITH AND RUSH RETURN TO BRAZIL IN 2007 The bands Aerosmith and Rush will return to Brazil in 2007 for separate shows. CIE Brazil announced in an event this past Thursday that both bands were confirmed for stadium shows.

Aerosmith played Brazil in 1994 at the Hollywood Rock and Rush played Brazil in 2002, where they recorded the show for the DVD Rush In Rio.

The exact cities, places and dates for the shows have not yet been confirmed.

Rush were very amazed and pleased with the extremely positive way they were received in Brazil on the Vapor Trails tour, so it's not surprising that they'd opt to repeat the experience. We'll see I guess. Again, not official confirmation but good to hear nonetheless. Thanks to Counterparts member the analog kid for the link.

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