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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Rock photographer Ross Halfin comments on Roadshow

Sun, Nov 26, 2006@10:11AM | comments

Ross HalfinRoss Halfin is a well-known, angst-filled British rock photographer who has shot such bands as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metallica and of course Rush. He's known to be difficult to work with but at the same time extremely talented. He keeps a diary on his website where he lets loose with all his bitterness. His entry from November 24th talks about Neil Peart's recent book Roadshow:

... Been reading the Neil Peart book which as I'm a Rush fan I quite like. I wasn't going to write about this but I found pages 312-313 so disturbing I felt like saying something. Some fan gets on Neil's tour bus with some LPs - he wants an autograph. Neil goes spastic and throws him off. Michael (the band's security ) has the guy handcuffed. But to Neil's shock and disgust the British police have no law to arrest him for trespassing. Neil needs to get some perspective. He's a drummer in a rock band - so what if a fan sneaked into his room to get an autograph. That's what fans do...

The other unintentionally funny bit is when he's moaning about his hands being sweaty because the fans by his drums aren't on full power. I thought rock and roll was about being sweaty. Then again, in Neil's mind Rush probably are a folk group. He even thought the crowd was lame at Wembley. I was there and they went nuts. Neil's chums Brutus and Michael both live in the world of the emperor's new clothes, NP needed a whisky to steel his nerves and get over being violated. I really felt sad reading this. What world does he live in? I wonder if Michael and Brutus take turns wiping his arse and tucking him up in bed. It's all so wrong, who do they think they are...? ...

I think he's a little harsh ... but this is Ross Halfin we're talking about. :) Thanks to Counterparts member rattler2004 for finding this.