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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

The Christmas "Rush" is on

Sat, Nov 25, 2006@3:58PM | comments

You have exactly one month 'til Christmas. So what do you get for the Rush fan in your life (including yourself)? Last year the choice was easy; R30 was released about this time and many a Rush fan ended up seeing it in their stocking on Christmas morning (me included). This past year saw Rush's live DVD collection, Rush Replay X 3 released as well as Neil Peart's 4th book Roadshow - but most Rush fans already have these by now. And we won't see the new album until the Spring of '07. So the choice isn't so easy this time around. Luckily there's never been a time where there was more Rush-related merchandise out there to choose from. The premier place to purchase Rush swag is of course the Rush Backstage Club. Just about anything a Rush fan could want can be purchased there; from t-shirts to hats, belt-buckles to calendars, cds to posters - the Backstage Club has it. They even have stuff for kids now ; I've already purchased my 2 munchkins their first Rush t-shirts. And if the Backstage Club doesn't have it then you might be able to find it on eBay (be careful though). For anyone looking for jewelry you can check out Between Sun and Moon which has an assortment of hand-crafted Rush-themed jewelry available. You guys have any other ideas? Let us know if you do. I'm gonna ask Santa for a Rush world tour in 2007 - hopefully he'll come through.