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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Recent Rush sightings

Mon, Nov 13, 2006@11:11AM | comments

In recent days I've gotten light of a few random Rush references in various video games and TV shows. I thought I'd highlight them all in one post.

First off, a couple of 2112 video game sightings. Doom RPG is a mobile phone game released September 2005. At one point in the game when you speak to a civilian in Junction 4, he has this to say:

"Welcome! This is the oldest part of the base. Built in 2112, the surrounding structures and tunnels made up UAC's first permanent Martian settlement. This area is now only used to store hazardous waste."

Thanks to reader Andrew S. for finding this.

Released just a few weeks ago, the video game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent
contains a 2112 sighting. At one point during the game you need to interrogate a crew member on a cruise ship. He gives the access code to the navigation room as "2112". Thanks to Power Windows for the reference and the screenshot.

Next up, a few TV Rush references. In the episode entitled "Hiros" (aired on October 23, 2006) of the new NBC TV series Heroes there is a possible Fly By Night reference. The phrase is common enough that this just may be complete coincidence but I thought I'd point it out anyways (just because I love this show). In this episode, the name of the diner outside Las Vegas where Hiro Nakamura first encounters Nathan Petrelli and sees him fly is called the "Fly By Night" Cafe. Thanks to Power Windows for the screenshot.

In the Japanese animated TV series, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, there's an A Farewll to Kings reference. In episode #31 entitled "Inductance" (first aired on March 6, 2004) one character makes a list of essays and includes "A Farewell To Kings by Neil Peart" on the list. Thanks to reader Tom O for the reference.

Also, this past weekend CBS's pre-game show played an edited montage of parts from "Bastille Day" going into the first commercial break. Thanks to reader briano for spotting this one.