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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Rush reference in Hunters of Dune

Thu, Nov 2, 2006@7:28PM | comments

Kevin J. Anderson is a sci-fi writer who also happens to be a big Rush fan. Several of his novels have been inspired by Rush, including 1988's Ressurection Inc.. After reading this book and being very impressed with it, Neil Peart sparked a friendship with the author that has lasted to this day. They later collaborated on a short story called Drumbeats in 1994. Neil also mentions Anderson several times in Roadshow.

In August of this year, Brian Herbert (son of legendary sci-fi author of the Dune novels, Frank Herbert) in collaboration with Kevin Anderson launched a new Dune trilogy with Hunters of Dune. Kevin managed to throw in an unmistakable Rush reference in the chapter leading epigram on page 427. It reads as follows:

A choice can be as dangerous as a weapon.
Refusing to choose is in itself a choice.
- Pearten, ancient Mentat philosopher

Many thanks to Power Windows for the info.