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Fri, Sep 20, 2019

Eddie Trunk and Teri Garr Terrie Carr discuss Rush and the Rock Hall on VH1 Classic

Sun, Oct 22, 2006@5:08PM | comments

UPDATE - 10/23@10:15AM: Reader Scott points out in the comments that I had the wrong Teri. He says that It's actually Terrie Carr, not Teri Garr who is hosting the show with Eddie Trunk. She apparently is/was the program manager for northern New Jersey's WDHA. She says some nice things about Rush. Thanks for the clarification.

I haven't seen this myself but a few people have reported seeing a recurring segment called Turn Tables on VH1 Classic lately. In the segment Eddie Trunk and Teri Garr (actress and comedian) Terrie Carr (program manager for northern New Jersey's WDHA) are discussing rock music, particularly which band deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and is not in. Teri's number 1 group was ... Rush! (she also mentioned Heart) Very cool. Eddie agreed and also put Kiss, Van Halen, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple on his list. Eddie basically went on to trash the Rock Hall for not including bands like this. Thanks to reader Scott for the info.