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Fri, Sep 20, 2019

Alex Lifeson to appear on upcoming The Drama Club release

Fri, Oct 20, 2006@10:34AM | comments

The Drama ClubThe Drama Club is a Pennsylvania-based metal band formed in 2004 by former Lifer frontman Nick Coyle and former Stalemate members Nate Bevan and R.J. MacLean. They recently solidified their lineup in 2005 and are currently in the studio working on their first full-length album (they already have an EP out) which will feature a guest appearance from Alex Lifeson. Lerxst has worked with Nick Coyle in the past; Lifer's self-titled debut album was produced by Alex Lifeson. You can check out some Drama Club tunes on their MySpace page.

This is just the latest in a string of Alex Lifeson guest appearances. We seem to hear about a new one every few weeks. He currently has 3 albums out in Canada which he either played on, produced or both; all of which were released a few weeks ago. He plays on one track on Canadian industrial rock band Jakalope's second album, Born 4. He also allowed former I Mother Earth frontman Edwin the use of his home studio for preproduction on his 3rd solo album, Better Days, in addition to playing on several tracks. Lerxst was also heavily involved with the soundtrack for the recently released Trailer Park Boys movie.