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Thu, Apr 25, 2024

Neil Peart discusses faith as central theme of Rush's new album

Fri, Oct 20, 2006@9:29AM | comments removed/disabled

[Rush have a lot of faith in new CD]

Cassandra Szklarski of the Canadian Press recently spoke with Neil Peart about Rush's new album. Neil reiterated the fact that reflections on faith will be the central theme of the album but gave no new information. From the interview:

... "I tried hard to look at it as a subject -- what's good about it -- and tried to balance that against what I saw as not being a good thing," Peart said, noting his experience as a Canadian living in the United States for the past six years has given him a unique perspective on world events."

"All we're seeing, especially in the world today, is a very malevolent kind of faith, in fundamentalism of all kinds, on both sides. One of the lines I use in the new songs equates Middle East and Middle West, because this stuff is going on in both localities, although both would probably be insulted by the comparison. ..."

Like I said, no new information - at least not to us. We had already heard about that line from one of the songs from the guy who recently interviewed Neil for a Christian Science Monitor article. He had posted more details from the interview on a Marillion message board and mentioned that Neil had said that There's a line on one of the new songs that says "it doesn't matter whether it's the Middle East or the Midwest,". It's nice to hear Neil confirm this.

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