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Thu, Oct 12, 2006@9:08PM | comments

The Official Rush and Rush Replay x3 Contest and Interactive Pages,, has posted a few more old radio shows on their Bonus Features page. They now have a total of 21 shows up on the site. This latest batch features a live concert recording from way back in 1974 at the Cleveland Agora (being a Clevelander, a venue I'm very familiar with). Just look for the huge banner saying "Rush Radio Specials". Click on this banner and you can listen to the following:

  • NEW! WMMS LIVE AT THE AGORA (Rebroadcast November 2000) - Live At The Agora (12/16/74)
  • Rush - "Hemispheres" Radio Special 1978
  • Sean McKay and Rush - The 1982 "Exit ... Stage Left" Radio Special
  • Rush - "Signals" Radio Special 1982
  • Jim Ladd and Geddy Lee - "Signals" 1982 Innerview
  • Jim Ladd and Neil Peart - "Grace Under Pressure" 1984 Innerview
  • Mary Turner and Geddy Lee - Off The Record (1988) - "A Show of Hands"
  • In the Studio with Neil Peart (Grace Under Pressure & Signals) - hosted by Redbeard
  • Host Dan Neer with Rush - "Presto" Up Close (1990)
  • NEW! Host Mary Turner and Rush - Roll the Bones Off the Record (1992)
  • Mary Turner - Off the Record with Alex Lifeson (1993)
  • NEW! Hosted by Dan Neer - Test For Echo Up Close (1996)
  • Host Jo Robinson with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson- World Premiere Broadcast of "Different Stages" (1998)
  • Host Jeff Woods with Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee - "Vapor Trails" World Premiere
  • Rob Coburn with guests Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson - Vapor Trails Rockline (May 15, 2002)
  • NEW! Hosted By Jim Ladd - 2002 Tour Special
  • Much More Music - The Story of Rush (2002)
  • Uncle Joe Benson - "Feedback" (Off the Record) 2004
  • NEW! Hosted by Redbeard with guests Geddy and Alex - Waves and Windows In the Studio (2005)
  • R30 Rockline appearance - December, 2005
  • In the Studio - Moving Pictures 25th Anniversary With Redbeard (2006)