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Wed, Sep 27, 2023

Dream Theater working with Paul Northfield and Mike Portnoy spends a day with Neil Peart

Sun, Oct 8, 2006@9:00AM | comments removed/disabled

[DREAM THEATER Begins Recording New Album, Seeks New Label Home]

Blabbermouth is reporting that Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy was on the "Friday Night Rocks" radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM this past Friday and mentioned that the band has entered the studio in New York City with Paul Northfield, who has worked with Rush on several albums. He had this to say on working with Paul:

"We are currently making our new album with Paul Northfield engineering. DREAM THEATER's had the same engineer for the last 10 years this guy Doug Oberkircher and for the sake of getting some fresh ears with us in the making of the new album, we're working with Paul, and Paul did [RUSH's] 'Permanent Waves', 'Moving Pictures', and 'Signals', as well as some of the newer stuff, so we're getting RUSH stories every day from Paul about the making of those albums, and how they recorded the guitar solo for 'Limelight'; he would tell us about the change of tide with 'Signals', and stuff. So we're hearing RUSH stories every day. It's really cool. Paul is an awesome guy."

He also finally got to meet Neil Peart for an interview recently and had this to say:

"We did an interview together an interview and a photo session for a drum magazine in England called Rhythm. I haven't even announced this yet, but this is a really cool thing that I'm gonna be doing for Rhythm where they're letting me be the guest editor of an issue, and I get to interview and get together with several of my big influences. So I got together with Neil, I got together with Nick Mason from PINK FLOYD, [and] I'm gonna be doing Lars [Ulrich; METALLICA] and Bill Bruford [YES] next month when I get home from South America. Anyway, it's gonna be a really super-cool issue, and Neil was totally accomodating. As soon as I contacted him about doing this, he was totally on board super-cool. We met and had a great time."

"It's funny. He's the one guy that's eluded me all of these years. I've met everybody from Ringo [Starr], all across the board but Neil was so elusive. All these years, I was thinking he was dodging me. I was starting to to take it personally. But he welcomed me with open arms. He was really, really cool. He's an incredibly cool guy."

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