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Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Live Rush covers

Wed, Aug 30, 2006@9:58AM | comments

Over the last few months I've found several live videos on YouTube of various well-known bands performing covers of Rush songs live. So I thought I'd highlight a few for you today.

Back in 1999 Deadsy recorded a version of Tom Sawyer for their album Commencement and has been performing the song live for several years now. Here is a live bootleg video of them performing the song live at the release party for their new CD from August 21. The quality on this is pretty decent for a bootleg.

[Deadsy - live cover of Tom Sawyer]

When Rush was inducted in the Canadian Hall of Fame back in 1994, a video montage was shown featuring several artists paying tribute to the band. One of these was Canadian rockers The Tragically Hip and a short 30 second clip of them performing Limelight was shown. The ceremony was included on disc 2 of R30.

[Short clip of The Tragically Hip performing Limelight]

This is a video of The Sound of Urchin performing The Spirit of Radio at The American Theater in St. Louis, MO. This video is from the 2001 Tenacious D / Sound of Urchin tour and features a short cameo from Jack Black.

[The Sound of Urchin with Jack Black play The Spirit of Radio live]

This is a bootleg video of American techno/punk band Mindless Self Indulgence performing their version of Tom Sawyer during an encore at The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band recorded the song for their 2005 album You'll Rebel to Anything.

[Mindless Self Indulgence performing their cover of Tom Sawyer live]

Canadian rockers Sloan are avid Rush fans and performed In the Mood for the soundtrack to the 2002 movie Fubar. They're also known to do Rush covers live. Here is a bootleg video of The Spirit of Radio performed by Sloan members at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City from June of 2005.

[Sloan members doing a live cover of The Spirit of Radio]