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Fri, Nov 22, 2019

Rush on MySpace update and revamp

Tue, Aug 29, 2006@4:12PM | comments

A couple weeks ago I told you about how Rush now had an official MySpace page. Since it was linked off of Neil Peart's website I assumed it was legit and it turns out that it is. Power Windows spoke with someone at Anthem a few days ago and reported the following at the Counterparts message board:

... the Rush myspace page is legit but was not supposed to go live yet. They hate the myspace page, and they are revamping and will adapt the myspace page to match it. Also, they plan on keeping the myspace page "fed" with ongoing current content.

This is good news. I've never really been too impressed with; it's a little too "flashy" and the content seldom changes. Hopefully the new site will be more substance, less style. It's also likely from what was said (they plan on keeping the myspace page "fed" with ongoing current content) that they'll post a song or two off the new album on the MySpace page prior to the album release.