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Tue, Dec 10, 2019

Fan Videos

Tue, Aug 29, 2006@10:27AM | comments

Shortly after I launched this site back in October of last year I discovered YouTube. There was so much Rush content on there that it was hard to believe. All of their major videos were up there as well as a good number of live videos, bootlegs, interviews, etc. In addition to those there were several fan-created videos; fans filming themselves playing Rush songs, lipsynching Rush songs, air-drumming to Rush songs, bizaar fan-made videos to Rush songs, cover bands, etc. I decided to create a home on my site for all of these fan tributes. Well, as time passed and YouTube became more popular, there were more and more of these fan-made Rush tributes. Not only that, but I also discovered other video upload sites like Google Video, MySpace video and It's gotten to the point that I can barely keep up with it all. On any given day, I'll find 5, 10 even 20 or more fan-made Rush-related vids on these various sites. It's gotten a little hard to manage. My original policy was that if it was Rush-related - no matter how bad - I'd post it to my site. But that was back when I'd only get 1 or 2 a day. I'm not going to do that anymore. From here on out I'm only going to include fan videos that are notable in some way or particularly entertaining. I'm also more than willing to hear your opinion on any videos you may see online; if you see something you like, let me know. And if you've got a little time to kill, check out the Fan Videos page. There are some real gems on there. :)