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Sat, Jul 31, 2021

Alex and Geddy to record a song for Trailer Park Boys movie?

Thu, Aug 24, 2006@9:28AM | comments removed/disabled

[Bach to the trailer park]

The latest rumor regarding the upcoming Trailer Park Boys movie is that Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson have recorded a song for the movie soundtrack. In today's Chronicle Herald out of Halifax, Nova Scotia there's an article on the show that focuses on an upcoming guest appearance from fellow Canadian and former Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach. From the article:

... "This show IS Canada," he [Bach] says of the characters and their low-rent take on family values. "It's very much like growing up in Peterborough. "And it's a very rock and roll show; it has a very rock feel. There really should be a musical episode. I mean, I heard that Alex and Geddy (Lifeson and Lee, from Rush) are doing a song for the movie soundtrack. That's amazing!" ...

I haven't heard this bit of news anywhere else so until I get independent confirmation I'll assume it's just a rumor. All that's been said so far is the following, which was reported last May in the Toronto Globe and Mail:

... there will be a helicopter chase, possibly to the music of the Rush song A Passage to Bangkok ... characters Cory and Trevor will be listening to a lot of Rush in the movie. ...

Both trailers for the movie have also featured Rush's The Spirit of Radio.

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