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Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Following up on Rob Higgins and Daniel Adair

Thu, Aug 17, 2006@10:21AM | comments

A couple months ago a wrote a post about Geddy Lee's nephew Rob Higgins and his new band, Dearly Beloved and their debut album You Are the Jaguar. Well, the album is out and has been getting a lot of good press. Here're some excerpts from a recent JAM! article on the band:

Toronto musician Rob Higgins is getting more attention with his new band Dearly Beloved and its debut album, "You Are The Jaguar," than any of the others he started after Change Of Heart dissolved. There's a buzz that seems to be bubbling up that has little to do with the fact that he's Geddy Lee's nephew and everything to do with the music. ... Higgins' father recently passed away and the album, "You Are The Jaguar," is largely about that experience. The singer/bassist/producer feels that that kind of honesty could be the reason for the immediate attention and positive press the indie release has received from such publications as Chart, Now, Gasoline and The Toronto Sun, although initially the bio accompanying the CD didn't mention his father's passing because he wasn't ready to talk about it, but instead had a paragraph about growing up with Rush's Geddy Lee for an uncle. ...

I've listened to a few of their tunes on their MySpace page and they're pretty good. Worth a listen.

Also, last month I posted an article on former 3 Doors Down drummer and current Nickleback drummer, Daniel Adair. He spoke about how much of an influence Neil Peart and Rush were on his drumming; he first took up the drums at age 13 after listening to Rush's Hemispheres album. In a recent article on Nickleback Adair had this to offer:

... as for those rumors that all Canadians love hockey and name their kids Geddy and Alex, after two-thirds of Rush, the very personable and good-natured Adair says that's mostly true. He and his bandmates are hockey fans, he said. And one of his fondest memories was being invited to Alex Lifeson's Toronto house for dinner. "I was like a little kid," Adair said, still sounding awe-struck. ...