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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Rush reference in Comedy Central William Shatner roast

Wed, Aug 16, 2006@10:40AM | comments

Comedy Central William Shatner roastThis Sunday at 10PM, Comedy Central will air a William Shatner celebrity roast. There are a few preview videos floating around online and in one of these clips, comedian Patton Oswalt throws in a Rush reference. He mentions how someone online reacted to a joke he made by using a particularly long internet slang term along the lines of LMAO; LMFAOWIHABFAFIMRAAMMYAMTTDMRFBNA. And here's what he says it stands for:

Laughing my figurative ass off while I have a Boba Fett action figure in my real ass and my Mom yells at me to turn down my Rush "Fly By Night" album

You can watch a video of this here. The Rush part is towards the end, but the whole clip is pretty funny.