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Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Got $30,000? Buy a Neil Peart 30th anniversary kit replica

Tue, Aug 15, 2006@9:00AM | comments

[Limited NP 30th Anniversary kit replicas available in October]

I saw this mentioned in a few places, but Andrew Olson has the most concise post on the subject over on his Neil Peart blog. Here's the complete post:

A limited number of Neil Peart 30th Anniversary drum kits will be available to buy on October 30, 2006, exclusively from Guitar Center. If you are interested in buying one, contact John Chenette, assistant manager at Guitar Center in Nashua, NH. (Thanks to John for supplying this information.)

Kit details:

* Cost: $30,000 US
* Only 30 kits are being made
* Drums: 7x8, 7x10, 8x12, 9x13, 12x15, 13x15, 16x16, 16x18, 16x22
* Three snare drums: 6x14 Edge, 5x14 solid, 3.5x13 Piccolo
* 24k gold-plated stands
* Complete set of Paragon cymbals
* The kits will be numbered 1-30
* Letter of authenticity

Other details:

* This drum kit will only be available through Guitar Center.
* I asked John about how the payment works, and he wrote back: "It is paid in full starting on Oct 30 at 8AM. We can take credits on account prior, and then place the order first thing that day, but no guarantee of deposit to get a set, fist come, first serve that morning."