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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

New live videos from Counterparts tour?

Mon, Aug 14, 2006@10:13AM | comments

Geddy on the Counterparts tourUPDATE - 8/15@9:11AM: binks pointed out in the comments that the poster put Limelight up there too. You can watch it here. Hopefully they'll keep 'em coming.

UPDATE - 8/14@10:39AM: Thanks to Jim's comments and some digging on my own I now know what this is from. It's from a professionally-shot Counterparts concert bootleg called "A View From The Palace", that was filmed March 22, 1994 at The Palace of Auburn Hills. It was taped off of the arena's video system for use on the arena scoreboards and broadcast to luxury boxes and suites.

I had to do a double-take when I first watched these 2 videos I just found on YouTube. It looks like professionally videotaped footage from the Counterparts tour, but I wasn't aware that any shows on this tour were videotaped. I do know that Rush videotaped the first Toronto show of the Test for Echo tour with the intentions of releasing it as a live DVD but these plans were later shelved due to technical reasons. Could they also have videtaped a show on the Counterparts tour? They did record a few shows on this tour - it's not inconceivable that they also videotaped a couple. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. Either way, these are quite a find. The first video is Cold Fire which you can watch here. The other is The Analog Kid - check it out here.