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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

The Peter Brocklehurst diaries

Thu, Aug 10, 2006@10:05AM | comments

[Legends of Brocklehurst]

UPDATE - 10/15/12@2:31PM: These entries have since been removed from The National Midday Sun and now reside on a blog all to their own called Legends of Brocklehurst.

Peter Brocklehurst is a roadie, driver, small-time criminal, and, among other things, a friend of Neil Peart. They first met in London back in the early 70s. This time of Neil's life is chronicled in his book Traveling Music and Peter is mentioned (I can't remember offhand if he used his name or not though). They remained friends and Peter ended up being Neil's driver and personal assistant during the European leg of the Hold Your Fire tour. Over the last few months, Mr. Brocklehurst has put together a diary of his times with Neil Peart over at The National Midday Sun. And to say they are an interesting read would be a tremendous understatement. I highly suggest you take the time to read them; you won't be disappointed.